Vomo island fiji kids club programs

Everybody gets “me” time on VOMO – Age-appropriate options for all Kids on the island

New to VOMO – With three unique programs designed for children between 3-10+ years old (depending on the program), there’s something to suit every age group instead of kids at very different levels being carved between just two programs like is the case with most resort kids clubs. From beachfront playtime with experienced nannies to learning local Fijian culture through fun activities, age-appropriate games and nighttime discos, the kids club at VOMO offers it all. Read on for an overview of what each individual program has to offer.

Little Islanders Club – from 3 years plus

Cuteness overload! The Little Islanders Club at Vomo Island is designed for children from 3 plus years old and provides a safe and engaging environment to explore, learn and make new friends from all different parts of the world. The program offers fun activities such as beachfront playtime, arts & crafts, Fijian culture classes, nature walks, storytelling sessions and more. For those who prefer indoor activities, board games are available alongside movies on the big screen. There are also many toys and books to keep little ones busy and engaged so parents and carers can have quality time out.

Rest assured that all staff are experienced in childcare. There’s always someone available to look after your children while they enjoy their time away from you without feeling overwhelmed or lost amongst other guests at the resort. Additionally, all food served is prepared according to strict nutritional guidelines, so parents know their kids are eating healthy meals during their stay!

Yungsta Club – from 7 years plus – It’s a Yungsta’s Paradise

The Yungsta Club at Vomo Island is designed for children from 7 years plus and where kids can participate in more adventurous ‘big kid’ activities than those offered to younger guests. Designed to challenge, stimulate and inspire young minds, the program offers plenty of exciting experiences such as stand-up paddleboarding lessons, basket weaving, snorkelling excursions with marine life experts, beach Olympics competitions with other resort guests and much more.

In addition to fun physical activities, plenty of educational opportunities are available through the Yungsta Club. Kids can learn about Fijian culture by taking part in traditional cooking classes or weaving demonstrations; they can explore nature on guided hikes around Vomo Island; they can even chat with our marine biologist about our precious environment and why we need to conserve it. All these experiences will help broaden their horizons while making holiday friends of a lifetime along the way.

For parents who want additional peace of mind during their stay at Vomo Island Resort, all staff within the Yungsta Club understand this ‘in-between’ age group very well.

Club V – From 10 years plus – Kidults space

Club V at Vomo Island offers a unique experience for teenagers aged 10+. Featuring the perfect mix of fun and adventure, Club V allows teens to explore their independence while having an unforgettable stay on the island.

The program is packed with activities catering to all interests, such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking through stunning waters just offshore and more. For those looking for a more cultural experience, there are also Fijian cooking classes where they can learn traditional recipes or weaving demonstrations, which give them an insight into the local culture. Sporty teens can have fun playing rugby and other fast-paced island sports with our ocean play crew or take on the challenge of our Mt Vomo Charity climb.

In addition to these exciting activities, Club V also features plenty of entertainment options. There is no shortage of fun – from beachfront bonfires, movie nights, and discos to karaoke competitions. It’s their space and ‘me’ time while on holiday.

Doing it for the kids…

Vomo Island Resort offers kids and teens a unique experience that will create lasting memories for years to come. From beachfront playtime with experienced nannies to learning about local Fijian culture through fun activities and games, our choice of three Kids Club programs covers all interests and age groups.

The resort also ensures that all meals served throughout these programs are prepared according to strict nutritional guidelines so parents know their children are eating healthy food during their stay. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing family getaway or an adventure-filled trip away.