Fijian Culture

The Fijian culture is an extremely important part of VOMO’s ethos. Fiji has an ancient and living culture and this is celebrated at VOMO. The genuine warmth and hospitality of the Fijian people needs to be experienced to be appreciated. You hear about the friendly people of Fiji but it is not until you stay at VOMO that you will fully understand how the Fijian way of life integrates so harmoniously with hospitality. The Fijian culture is much about community and family, just as VOMO is.

Each week, usually on a Wednesday evening, VOMO hosts all guests for an authentic and very entertaining Meke and Lovo night. In the morning, the Lovo pit is prepared where some of the evening meal is cooked in the traditional Fijian method under the ground. The evening ceremony includes a selection of Meke dances and songs performed by the VOMO family of staff. Guests also have the opportunity to try the national ‘drink’ called Kava in a ceremony following the Meke and throughout the evening dinner service of the Lovo.

Kava is the traditional drink of Fiji, prepared with water and the powdered root of the kava plant.

Following the Meke, VOMO’s chefs present a Fijian-inspired buffet featuring local ingredients and authentic island dishes. We can confidently say you will remember the Meke as a highlight of your stay.

The Kids Village at VOMO also integrates the Fijian culture into the children’s programme through several of the activities included.

Throughout your stay you may be able to celebrate the Tree of Life with us where we educate guests about the coconut palm tree and its importance as part of Fijian life through various discussions, demonstrations, and activities that are part of the optional daily program.