Boutique Items on Vomo Island Fiji - Fiji Shopping

Explore, Swim, Dive, Relax, Learn, Indulge. And Then We Shop…

From exploring our lush island landscapes, swimming in crystal-clear waters, diving into the rich marine life, relaxing under the sun, learning about local culture, to indulging in gourmet dining – we offer a myriad of luxurious experiences. And for those who cherish the art of shopping, we present a unique experience that complements the essence of a luxury holiday on a private island.

A Shopper’s Paradise with sustainable and local brand names

Hiding away to the right of our main welcome area you’ll find a quaint boutique shopping experience that caters to the desires of shopping lovers while embracing our ethos of sustainability and local empowerment.Our carefully curated selection of boutique brands reflects our commitment to combining luxury with sustainability. Delight in our range of products, each telling a story of environmental stewardship and local craftsmanship:

  • Reef-Friendly Sun Protection: Choose from Airyday Sunscreen and Skinnies Sunscreen to protect your skin and our oceans.
  • Fashion with a Purpose: Discover “Bimby & Roy Apparel,” versatile undergarments doubling as swimwear, and the elegant Tracey Farrington Kaftans & Sunhats, all locally made in Fiji.
  • Rocks Push Eco-Conscious Men’s Wear: Our VOMO branded “Ocean Play” shorts, crafted from recycled materials by Rocks Push, merge style with sustainability. A hit with the men who forget to pack their boardies (it happens more than you may think!)
  • Sustainable Accessories: Stay hydrated and caffeinated with our branded Keep cups and water flasks, and carry your island boutique finds in eco-friendly bags from Rise Beyond the Reef.