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Fiji Locals Offer: Free nights. July Only. Fabulous Opportunity

A very special limited time offer for locals: FREE nights + all meals + more. A fabulous opportunity to experience the heartfelt hospitality @ VOMO. Two weeks only in July, 2020.
Baby turtles on vomo island fiji

Sharing our Turtle Release Images to Celebrate World Turtle Day on 23 May

Rare images of baby turtles scurrying their way to the ocean with a little gentle help and guidance from VOMO staff and guests.
Aerial image of vomo island fiji private luxury island in the south pacific

What life post-COVID19 will look like on VOMO Island Fiji

How our private island resort will operate to ensure the safety of all guests post-COVID-19. The cleanest of non-polluted air a given.
Virtual Cocktail Party with VOMO - Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Let’s pretend – Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Isa! We are sad to know that a lot of you would have been at VOMO right now. So we've come up with a way to make it feel as if you are - in just a few clicks.