Spending Christmas in Fiji: Highlights of the 2023 Festive Season at VOMO

As we bid farewell to another festive season at VOMO, it’s time to reflect on the events that made this period truly magical. The VOMO family have once again have given guests a luxury holiday escape, offering an array of seaons’s best festivities that catered to every taste and age.

Here’s a look back at the highlights:

Christmas Eve Brought a Musical Start to the Festivities

The festivities kicked off on the 24th of December with soulful Christmas carols, setting the mood for the season. Guests gathered at Vuda Reef and Rocks to enjoy enchanting carols, filling the air with festive cheer. The evening was made perfect with a choice of dining options: a stunning 3-course International menu at Vuda Reef or an exclusive Spice Night at Rocks for adults.

Christmas Day Was a Culinary Extravaganza at VOMO

Christmas Day at VOMO was a culinary journey like no other. Our Christmas buffet at Vuda Reef Restaurant & Yasawa Beachfront was a lavish spread, featuring an array of seafood delights, gourmet dishes, and divine desserts. From ocean-fresh prawns to luscious lobster tails and an enticing selection of meats and vegetarian options, every dish was a celebration of flavours.

We cannot forget Fiji Santa – the coolest Santa in the world. Or maybe the hottest?!

Boxing Day Offered Relaxation and Grazing on Yasawa Beach

Post-Christmas relaxation was the theme for Boxing Day. The Barefoot Boxing Day Grazing Lunch on Yasawa Beach offered a laid-back dining experience with shared platters and live entertainment, creating a perfect setting to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Fiji.

Fijian Night Highlighted the Rich Culture of Fiji

The 27th of December was dedicated to Fijian culture. The evening began with cocktails at Yasawa Beachfront, followed by a mesmerising Meke cultural performance and a traditional Lovo earth oven feast, offering guests a taste of the local heritage and cuisine.

Wine & Food Pairing Dinner Brought Sophistication to the Table

On the 28th, guests indulged in a 5-course European degustation dinner, expertly paired with fine wines. This exquisite dining experience was a testament to VOMO’s commitment to offering unique and sophisticated culinary delights.

So much fun. New Year’s Eve Celebration Embraced a Vintage Circus Theme

The New Year’s Eve celebration was a spectacular affair themed “Vintage Circus.” The evening started with a family-friendly event at Reef restaurant, including a special Kids buffet and entertainment. As the night progressed, Rocks transformed into a lively adult-only venue. The countdown to midnight was marked with fireworks and live music, setting a vibrant tone for the New Year.

The staff were great sports getting into character for the night, as were the guests! So many amazing costumes donned by those who were keen to get involved.  Special shout out to the talented Got Ya Back Productions who devised a visually extravagant floating “Bubble Girl” act. Thanks Steph and Tim!

New Year’s Day Kicked Off with a Beach Barbecue & Band…and a scavenger hunt for the kiddies!

The first day of 2024 was celebrated with a Beach Barbecue & Band event at Yasawa Beachfront. The kiddies were challenged with a fun 20 item island scavenger hunt before everyone enjoyed delicious barbecue delights and live music, a perfect start to a promising year.

We’re already planning for a Fiji Christmas and New Years in 2024. What will this year’s theme be…

From the soulful carols of Christmas Eve to the vibrant celebration of New Year’s Eve, VOMO’s festive season was a spectacular array of events. Each day brought a new experience, whether it was the culinary delights, the cultural experiences, or the festive entertainment. VOMO, once again, proved to be a destination where luxury meets the festive spirit in a truly magnificent setting. Here’s to another year of unforgettable memories at VOMO. Be quick to book for Fiji Festive Season in 2024.

A heartfelt special mention and thank you to the amazing VOMO family who worked so very hard to create all the special touches for our guests this year. Vinaka!