Coral counting sculptural gene bank location on vomo

” This project stands out as an innovative approach to safeguarding the future of our oceans. The Counting Coral team is here on island right now and we’re lapping up every minute of the education and innovation they’re bestowing upon us.”

The learning begins. How our new Coral Gene Bank will work as a beautiful yet highly functional art piece to mitigate the coral crisis

VOMO is known for its serious commitment to marine conservation, most recently through its collaboration with Counting Coral, a nonprofit focused on the restoration and protection of Fiji’s coral reefs.

This project stands out as an innovative approach to safeguarding the future of our oceans and the VOMO family can’t get enough of it. The Counting Coral team are here on island right now and we’re lapping up every minute of the education and innovation they’re bestowing upon us.

Here’s a few things we’ve been learning over the last few weeks whilst the team have been busy installing VOMO’s very own coral gene bank sculpture.

Why. 90% of our beautiful coral reefs are projected to be lost by 2030

The world’s coral reefs are facing a crisis. Supporting 25% of marine biodiversity, these ecosystems are crucial for the planet’s health. However, they are under threat, with projections indicating the potential loss of 90% of coral reefs by 2030. Coral reefs are vital for numerous reasons. Alongside our inhouse Marine Biologist, Laisenia, Counting Coral educators explain they provide a habitat for a wide variety of sea life, offer a key source of food, protect coastlines from erosion, are a source of medicinal compounds, and support local economies through tourism and fishing.

How. The gene selection process. Only the top crop will be selected for propagation

Central to the Sculptural Coral Gene Bank is a meticulous selection process aimed at identifying and propagating the most resilient coral species. These “parent plants” are observed as they grow on the sculptures, with each coral’s survival indicating its robustness. This process ensures that only corals with genes capable of withstanding increased temperatures and stress are considered for further propagation, focusing on cultivating strains that have the best chance against climate change.

Approximately every 6 months the Counting Coral team will return to monitor progress and propagation.

Additional things we can do. Counting Coral’s top 7 tips to protect our beautiful coral

The initiative at VOMO Island is a significant step forward, but the effort to save coral reefs requires collective action. Once the sculpture is in place, it will represent the heart of our coral conservation efforts and mark as a reminder to continue to educate our staff and guests alike of the importance to act.

When next in underwater awe of any coral reef you’re exploring you can contribute by following these top seven (7) tips:

  1. Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen – Choose sunscreens that avoid chemicals harmful to coral reefs. Vomo’s boutique sells coral-friendly sunscreen
  2. Avoid Touching Corals – Physical contact can damage these delicate organisms.
  3. Practice Responsible Snorkeling and Diving – Avoid damaging reefs with your movements.
  4. Do Not Disturb Marine Life – Interfering with marine animals disrupts their natural behaviors.
  5. Dispose of Trash Properly – Waste, especially plastics, is harmful to coral reefs.
  6. Educate Yourself and Others – Awareness about coral reefs is key to their conservation.
  7. Support Conservation Efforts – Projects like the Sculptural Coral Gene Bank are vital for making a difference.

A forward-thinking effort to protect our vibrant reefs

The partnership between VOMO Island Resort and Counting Coral marks a forward-thinking effort in coral conservation. The Sculptural Coral Gene Bank not only addresses the coral crisis but also exemplifies how luxury tourism can positively impact environmental preservation. As visitors to this beautiful island, you have a unique opportunity to see this innovative conservation approach – it’s just a swim, SUP or kayak away from the shores of VOMO – and contribute to securing a sustainable future for our unqiuely beautiful coral reefs.

The latest images…the start of this underwater art installation as well as vibrant coral images off VOMO

Stay tuned for more as we roll out the completion of this amazing project in the weeks to come with our Counting Coral friends. A few ‘sneak peek’ images below of the commencement of our artistic, coral crisis mitigating endeavours.