Merging Art and Science in the Mamanucas

Counting Coral - A Fusion of Art, Science, and Marine Conservation at VOMO Island Fiji

Discover how Counting Coral’s unique blend of art, science, and conservation is making waves in marine preservation, and how our partnership at VOMO Island Fiji amplifies this mission. Join us in protecting the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

The intersection of art, science, and conservation

At VOMO Island Fiji, our excitement bubbles over as we partner with Counting Coral, a visionary not-for-profit organisation cleverly combining art, science, and marine conservation. Their story, rooted in a deep sense of urgency and commitment, resonates profoundly with our environmental stewardship and sustainable tourism ethos. Counting Coral’s narrative is not just about coral restoration; it reflects human interaction with our planet’s delicate ecosystems and a call to action that we now amplify through collaboration.

How Counting Coral began

Counting Coral was born from a realisation that the battle against climate change and the deterioration of marine ecosystems requires more than just awareness—it demands engagement, innovation, and a shift in perception. In a world where the immediacy of threats often dictates action, the slow unravelling of the natural world due to climate change remains an abstract concern for many. Counting Coral tackled this challenge head-on, understanding that the survival of the natural world, upon which we so profoundly depend, hinges on our willingness to act decisively and creatively.

Art as a catalyst for change

Counting Coral turned to art as a powerful medium to captivate and educate in their quest to bridge the gap between inaction and engagement. Their underwater art installations, meticulously designed to serve as coral gene banks and awe-inspiring sculptures, embody the fusion of aesthetic beauty and ecological function. These installations, developed through a synergy of artistic creativity and scientific research, are designed to support coral growth and spark a global conversation about the importance of ocean conservation.

The centrepiece of their first installation, featuring Anarchist Wine’s logo and the word “Hope” in honour of Sylvia Earle’s Hope Spots, symbolises the unity of philanthropy, art, and science in the fight against environmental degradation. This approach underscores a fundamental truth: Art has the power to transcend barriers, making the invisible plight of our oceans viscerally visible and compelling.

VOMO’s role in a global vision

Our partnership with Counting Coral brings this visionary project to the shores of Fiji, an island nation whose identity and survival are intricately tied to the health of its coral reefs. As Counting Coral faced challenges, from the pandemic to funding and awareness hurdles, their resilience and innovative spirit never wavered. Their dedication to expanding the reach and impact of coral gene banks globally aligns with our commitment to environmental preservation and community engagement.

Installing these sculptural coral banks on our reefs is not just a conservation effort; it’s a bold statement of hope and a testament to the power of collaborative innovation. This partnership aims to restore and protect our marine ecosystems and inspire and involve the global community in our conservation efforts. The sculptures serve as a statement of awareness, drawing attention to the urgent need for action in preserving our planet’s underwater biodiversity.

Beyond a pretty sculpture. It’s a call to act

Counting Coral’s journey from a small group with a grand vision to a pioneering force in marine conservation exemplifies the impact of combining passion with action. Their exploration into the NFT space and engagement with new platforms for sustainability discussions reflect a forward-thinking approach to conservation that we at VOMO Island Fiji are excited to support and be part of.

As we join forces with Counting Coral, we invite our guests and the global community to witness and engage with this unique intersection of art, science, and conservation. We’ll be updating our news blog and social media channels regularly with progress reports. 

Exciting times ahead!