The addition of two spectacular residences and an adults-only pool. Varied discounts offered throughout the sensitively planned construction phase.

In a continued effort to further enhance the guest experience at VOMO, we have some new VOMO luxury additions to announce. And to celebrate, varied discounts apply on three (3) of our existing luxury residences. Read on.

In May 2018, the carefully planned construction of two more luxury beachfront private residences will commence, as well as a magnificent adults-only swimming pool at The Rocks, on the western tip of the island.

The adults-only Rocks Bar with cocktail bar and restaurant (that opens in the evenings only) will remain open throughout the pool construction period. It will be safely cordoned off from the new pool area and works carried out only during the day.

There is no work of an evening when the bar and restaurant are open, and it will therefore not adversely impact the guest experience. This area is at the western tip of the island and a 15 minute walk from the central resort area.

The two (2) new luxury private residences are located next to The Palms residence. They will be a spectacular addition to VOMO’s beach residence portfolio.

While a lot of the construction will be pre-fabricated, there will be periodical construction sounds from the site, during the hours of 8.00am and 5.30pm.

Although, due to location and carefully scheduled work times, we anticipate minimal impact to guest’s experience, in the act of good faith we are offering guest some generous discounts on our closest private residences across this construction period.

We have applied discounts to three (3) of the private residences that are located nearest to the site. Should guests choose to accept these discounts, it is with the understanding that the details as mentioned above have been communicated clearly and there is no recourse as a result of the construction.

Private Residence01 May 18 to 23 Dec 18

08 Jan 19 to 31 Mar 19

24 Dec 18 to 07 Jan 19

No development works

The Palms40% discountNormal rates apply
The Beachouse30% discountNormal rates apply
The Residence30% discountNormal rates apply
The RoyalNormal rates and stay pays if applicable apply.Normal rates apply


N.B. Discounts are off the full nightly rates and may not be combined with stay pay or any other offers. For any bonus offers such as Virtuoso benefits, these must be by application and approval of the Reservations Manager.


The new multi-bedroom residences are located next door to The Palms residence along the Yasawa beachfront. These blocks are located toward the western end of the island, a good 5 minutes walk away from the main resort areas and villa accommodations. Further down the beachfront from The Palms (the closest residence to the new build) is The BeacHouse and next door to that is The Residence.

*NOTE: Icons for new pool and 2 x new residences are to depict location only and are not drawn to scale.

The Royal 3 bedroom villa is at the other end of the Yasawa Beach, well away from any works, and therefore no special discounts apply to this private residence.

No percentage discounts apply to the resort villa categories of Hillside, Beachfront Villa, Beachfront Haven or Beachfront Retreats. Usual Stay Pay discounts, if applicable will remain available for these categories.

TO CONFIRM: The only discounts are on three of the multi-bedroom private residences which are located closest to the area where the new residences are being built.


Summary of T&C’s

  • The discount is applied off the full nightly rate. Discounts are applicable to both existing and new bookings.
  • Some specials such as stay pay offers, will no longer be applicable.
  • Should guests choose to accept these discounts, it is with the understanding that the details as mentioned above have been communicated clearly.
  • Please email reservations for confirmation of the applicable rate and more information.
  • May not be combined with stay pay offers
  • Normal cancellation fees apply.