Posted on 06/12/2014

Meet the new Ocean Play Dive Team

OJ Vili and Jacques

OJ Vili and Jacques are the Ocean Play Dive Team

Meet our new friendly and experienced Vomo Island Resort Diving Instructor and Divemaster who have recently joined the Ocean Play team, led by Jacques Louw. Together, they are one of the most experienced dive teams in Fiji.

Jenny Ornella Lee, better known as OJ, has been a long time diving enthusiast since the age of 12. She became a dive instructor at just 19 in 2005, and now at 28, OJ brings her knowledge and enthusiasm to Vomo Island Resort.

“It was always a dream of mine to become a dive instructor,” says OJ. “It’s a position usually filled by men, so I wanted to expand the boundaries as a female diver and encourage other women to explore this amazing sport.”

With nine years as a diving instructor under her belt, OJ’s passion for the ocean and her job has only grown with her innate ability to share this passion and teach guests of all experience levels. She especially loves teaching kids and to see the smile of excitement on their faces.

“I love the fact that I can show someone the amazing underwater world while teaching them to be safe divers,” adds OJ. “I am very exited to be part of the Vomo dive team and work at the brand new PADI center with top of the line gear; it’s all incredibly rewarding.”

Vilise Ratuvou, whose nickname is “Vili”, started diving when he was just 16 and became a Divemaster in 2007. Now at 37, Vili brings his eight years experience as a dive master to Vomo Island Resort.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for diving and the underwater world and be able to share this experience with our guests,” says Vili. “Everyday there is something new to explore as this area has some of the best diving sites in the world.”

Vili has been diving in the Mamanuca Islands his entire career, so he has a wealth of insight and extensive knowledge about the best spots to explore and catch marine life in their natural habitat. Vili’s friendly easy-going approach puts guests at ease and his passion for his job is contagious.

“I am so exited for the opportunity to work at Vomo Island Resort and help launch the new PADI dive centre with Jacques our manager. We’re proud to offer the best quality diving equipment including the latest state-of-the-art Dive compressor, “Bauer” – the only one in Fiji!”

For those who haven’t been diving in a while, we can provide a Refresher Dive Review course at Vomo and bring you up to date and re-qualified. If you’ve always wanted to learn to dive, there’s no better time or place to learn that at beautiful Vomo, where the water is warm and amazing dive sites are less than 5 minutes from the island. You can also consider doing the online course options at prior to arrival and we will have you out diving the beautiful sites such as Coral Gardens, White Rock, Salamanda Wreck, Shark Alley to name a few, once you’ve completed the practical and knowledge quizzes with our team on arrival.

OJ and Vili

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