Vinaka to our amazing guests for making World Turtle Day such a success!

World turtle day fiji vomo island fiji

Celebrating World Turtle Day on VOMO – 23 May 2023

On World Turtle Day, we want to shine a spotlight on our dedicated marine biologist, Laisenia, who tirelessly works to protect and conserve these majestic creatures that grace our shores.

Laisenia: Our Guardian of the Sea Turtles

At our luxury island resort, we are fortunate to have Laisenia, a marine biologist who has made a personal mission to protect sea turtles. Laisenia’s expertise, passion, and commitment to conservation have been instrumental in nurturing and safeguarding these gentle creatures that frequent our island’s shores.

Caring for Orphaned and Injured Turtles

In our efforts to protect sea turtles, Laisenia takes in orphaned and injured turtles and provides them with a safe haven for rehabilitation. Our dedicated conservation centre is equipped with facilities to ensure these turtles receive the best care possible. Laisenia’s expertise and compassion play a vital role in nursing these turtles back to health, so they may return back into their natural habitat.

Flip: A Tale of Resilience and Hope

One of our conservation centre’s most heartwarming success stories involves a tiny, injured turtle named Flip. Found stranded on the beach with two other turtles, Flop and OJ, Flip’s future looked uncertain until Laisenia stepped in. With unwavering dedication, Laisenia nurtured Flip, providing medical attention, nutritious food, and a nurturing environment.

World Turtle Day: A Time for Celebration and Reflection

World Turtle Day, celebrated on May 23rd each year, celebrates sea turtle conservation and the critical role these creatures play in maintaining the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems. It is an occasion to honour and appreciate the efforts of individuals like Laisenia, who work tirelessly to protect these ancient mariners.

We encourage guest involvement

When staying at VOMO, we encourage you to participate in our turtle conservation initiatives. There are numerous ways to contribute and leave a lasting impact on these incredible creatures. By spreading awareness and supporting conservation efforts, we can ensure the survival of sea turtles for generations to come. At our luxury island resort in Fiji, World Turtle Day is a special occasion that allows us to celebrate the remarkable journey of our marine biologist, Laisenia, and the resilient turtles that call our shores home. Witnessing the rehabilitation of a tiny turtle like Flip is a testament to the power of conservation and the positive impact we can make on our natural world.

Join us on World Turtle Day as we continue our mission to protect and preserve these magnificent creatures.

Photos below of some fun on island with children on VOMO learning about turtle conservation in an engaging way. Thank you to our busy pastry chefs who indulged us with these cute little turtles to celebrate the day with our kids on island.