We’re ready right now. Bring on the Pacific Bubble

It’s encouraging to hear that Fiji may be fortunate enough to soon be included in a “Pacific Travel Bubble”. Australia and New Zealand – if you need any persuading, here’s our top 5 reasons why the Pacific Bubble makes perfect sense for all nations.

  1. Fiji has had less than 20 cases of coronavirus and nil deaths. With Australia and New Zealand controlling the spread of the virus very well, it makes sense to get travel going again. Kiwis and Aussies like to get away to warm climates to thaw out after winter. As a close neighbour, Fiji is ready and eager to welcome our biggest markets back home to their number one holiday destination
  2. 40% of Fiji’s GDP relies on tourism, so this little nation needs the holidaymakers back to restart the Fiji economy
  3. VOMO has 255 acres of island and only 32 villas, so there is plenty of space for social distancing on the island.  With new post-COVID19 measures in place VOMO is able to keep everyone safe and comfortable.
  4. Fiji enjoys a warm climate & beautiful clean air quality – two things that COVID19 seems to dislike!  What we all need right now is to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy some sunshine.
  5. This unusual time has highlighted how important it is to spend time connecting with the ones we love.  Our multi-bedroom VOMO private residences can accommodate up to 10 people in the one beachfront residence, with your own large swimming pool and butler to assist you at your own luxury beach home. 

And oh, aside from all the above, the VOMO family are very well versed in  ‘bubble’ etiquette. Vinaka!

Our resident Pacific Bubble expert, Henry. :)