Posted on 04/02/2012

Vomo – The Best for Romance

Vomo is one of those special places where the instant you arrive you feel a sense of calm wash over you. In addition to relaxation and calm, Vomo can bring out the romantic side of our guests and even the most reluctant of Valentine’s Day guests will find themselves swept up in the romance of being on your own private island in a tropical paradise. Here are but a few of our favourite romantic things to do on Vomo.

A private Champagne picnic on Vomo Lailai
This almost doesn’t need an explanation! Vomo Lailai (Lailai meaning small) is our tiny private island, situated just 800m from the most western tip of Vomo. With a soaring black rock face behind a gorgeous white sandy beach, Vomo Lailai is THE place for romantics. We have lost count of how many engagements have taken place on Vomo but we assure you, the unique setting, the sparkle of the water and the glorious isolation is never lost. Vomo staff will deliver you and your choice of picnic lunch plus any chilled beverages you like (we highly recommend the Billecart-Salmon Champagne!) to Vomo Lailai with your own two-way radio to contact the island if you need. Dining and daybed platforms set into the rock face gives you unequalled privacy and views back to Vomo and loungers on the beach allow you to relax with the sand between your toes. Amazing snorkelling surrounds Vomo so often guests will head over with a snorkel and flippers to make the most of their day marooned on their own deserted island. The only thing we do advise is sunscreen for any pale bits which don’t see the sun often 😉

A sunrise hike up Mt Vomo – perhaps with a private breakfast at the top
The short climb (5-15 minutes) up Mt Vomo affords you the most spectacular of views. Watching the sun rise in the East and slowly creep over the mountain to bathe Vomo Lailai in the early sunlight is a sight to behold – made all the better with your loved one at your side and perhaps a lovely breakfast at the top! Our activities staff are very obliging and they can set up a table and continental breakfast for you with your choice of chilled beverages at the top. This is a truly unique and exquisite way to start your day.

A sunset cruise around the island
Sunsets on Vomo are very spectacular with Vomo Lailai providing the perfect backdrop for one of the most stunning sunsets you will be likely to see. You can make this all the more enjoyable with a sunset cruise. An activities staff member will take you out with any refreshments you choose and you can lazily circle the island and watch the sunset from the water. You can either be dropped back at Activities or at The Rocks Bar to enjoy some more cocktails before dinner.

A Private dining experience anywhere on the island
With more secluded and breathtaking dining spots than you could poke a stick at, you will be sure to find the perfect little nook to cosy up and enjoy a private meal. Whether you choose to dine on the Mamanuca side of the island (read deserted beach and no buildings) during the day whilst enjoying what will be the beach all to yourselves or you would prefer dinner on the beach, or on your villa deck, there are many gorgeous spots for you on Vomo. Speak to one of our management team about a spot for you and we will do the rest!

Breakfast in bed
Everyone loves breakfast brought to them in bed and what better than it being brought to you on holiday! The recipe is simple – order your breakfast the night before and let our staff know what time you would like it plus any extras like Champagne, flowers, chocolates or a gift which we can deliver at the same time. A lazy morning in bed, reading the news online or from our news synopsis with great food and excellent company will be a real treat.

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