Posted on 01/09/2016


The day of re-opening after our 6 month closure is finally here. The mood is a heady mix of relief and excitement.  We were closed for 28 weeks and it feels more than wonderful to have our beloved guests coming back to our island paradise.

We have done so much work and this is on top of the extensive renovations at VOMO that were completed in 2015.  Roofs, windows, doors and air conditioning units were replaced, as well as kitchens, furniture and more.  However, there’s no time like a closure to add those extra special touches you knew would enhance the guest experience but never had the opportunity to work on.

So let’s focus on what is new.

* Gardens everywhere have been re-imagined and re-planted, using more native tropical species

* A smart new VOMO van to transport guests around island – we shall name her the ‘Bula Bus’

* Arrival to our Reception is a safer option, bypassing the Kids Village entrance and arriving at our beautiful new water feature

* A new Reception area provides an enhanced arrival experience and better functionality for our Front Office team

* A cold larder room at the restaurant is a welcome addition for food to be displayed in a temperature controlled environment.

* New decking around the swimming pool and Vuda Bar, provides additional seating and dining options and new decking at Ocean Play

* Hillside Villas now feature large sliding doors for greater accessibility and vistas.

* New tennis court surface

* Outdoor play equipment at Kids Village



Your ultimate dream beach house awaits. Catering for couples, friends or families craving a sophisticated island experience, these luxuriously appointed residences merge seamlessly into the island environment in their beachfront locations.   Now available to rent on a nightly or weekly basis for up to 6 or 8 people, The BeacHouse and Palms, along with The Royal and The Residence allow guests to enjoy luxury, privacy and spacious living, with all the inclusions that the resort offers as well as villa concierge services.  The Royal is located on one end of the Yasawa Beach, whilst The Palms, The BeacHouse and The Residence are strung in a row along the middle of the Yasawa Beach.  The Residence, our original 4 bedroom private home, is receiving some new furnishings and fittings as well and will be available from mid October.

For reservations and availability contact [email protected] 


How very VOMO!

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