Posted on 21/03/2012

It’s a GO for Groups on Vomo!

Travelling with a group? Here are our top group picks for what to do on Vomo.

Vomo really lends itself to groups travelling together, whether they be a corporate group, extended family, a wedding or a large group of friends enjoying some time together. Vomo welcomes bookings of all sizes and you can even book the entire island just for you and your group. Now that is the ultimate in a tropical island experience! Vomo has so many activities and things to do that there is no chance of your friends or family getting bored. Here are a few of our activities which groups love to partake in.

1. Meke performance, kava ceremony and Lovo feast
This is a weekly event on Vomo but it is always requested and recommended if we have a group on island. The Meke performance is a traditional singing and dancing performance which dates back many years as this was the traditional method of telling stories and ensuring the longevity of Fijian legends and myths. Today the Vomo Entertainment Group performs a selection of songs and dances and it is a fantastic way to break the ice and get everyone into the Fijian spirit for their time on Vomo. Kava, a root from the pepper plant family is the traditional drink of Fiji. Mixed with water, it is drunk from coconut bowls and is used in all parts of Fijian life; celebrations, meetings, weddings and resolving disputes. Tasting a little like a cold herbal tea, kava is non-alcoholic and produces a tingling and numbing sensation on the lips and tongue. Larger quantities can have a calming effect on the body causing a sleepy sensation and plenty of smiling!

2. Private Dinner at The Rocks Beach
The Rocks is not only a picture-perfect beach, but it’s also a fabulous bar perched right on the edge of a huge rock. The Rocks Bar and Beach is scene to many occasions on Vomo; nightly rock-tails, weddings on the beach, private dinners in the bar and the best spot for viewing the sunset in Fiji. Groups always love having dinner down here on the beach and it doesn’t disappoint. As commented by numerous guests at a recent wedding, the setting with dinner on the beach couldn’t be more like a setting from a James Bond film if we tried and with Vomo Lailai lit up in the distance and fabulous fireworks and food it really is a special place. Groups can dine on the beach or in the bar for a night to remember.

3. Lunch on the beach under the trees
Not to be outdone by The Rocks, we often serve lunches under the trees on the main beach and with sand beneath your toes there is no better way to spend a lazy afternoon, indulging in numerous courses with a chilled glass of wine.

4. Activities at your fingertips
There are activities abound on Vomo and whilst we do encourage relaxing in a hammock with a good book, there is no way that our guests can ever say they have nothing to do. Days slip by in a hazy daydream of tennis, 9-hole par-3 chip and putt golf, the day spa, sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing and snorkelling. That’s only a few of our regular activities! The best thing about being on Vomo in a group is that anything you want to do, we can make happen. Whether it’s an Amazing Race-style hunt around and over the island, mountain and Vomo Lailai or it’s a volleyball game out the front of the Chiefly Bure against our staff team, we can make it happen for you. Other activities which can be arranged are cooking classes with our Executive Chef and his team, cocktail parties around the pool or at the Private Residences, excursions such as game fishing and scuba diving or golf at one of the 18-hole courses on the mainland.

5. Workshops / Guest Speakers
If you are on Vomo as a corporate retreat or conference, having people’s attention doesn’t get much easier than all being together on the same island … with no way of ducking out instead of participating! Because of the nature of Vomo, the island lends itself well to entertainers or guest speakers for group occasions because there are little other distractions, everyone’s minds are relaxed and open and they are ready to step outside their comfort zone and have some fun.

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