A simple way to help “Cure Kids” charity. PLUS win a return holiday!

Help Cure Kids. Win a return holiday to VOMO valued at FJD$14,425

VOMO Charity Run

The Mt VOMO Sunrise Charity Run is a fun way for our guests to donate to Cure Kids – a charity organisation that focuses on raising funds to enable medical research to find cures for childhood illnesses. Truly a great cause VOMO is proud to be a part of.


Cure Kids Charity

Leaderboard – Are you #betterthanberetta ?!

TV Personality, Mark Beretta, kindly launched our year-long campaign by smashing out a run of 5:04 mins. Can you beat Mark’s time? Add your run to the Mt VOMO Sunrise Charity Run leaderboard and you’re in to win a holiday back to VOMO – PLUS you’ve officially scored bragging rights that you’re indeed #betterthanberetta !

Strava Segment Leaderboard Initial


  1. Before Arrival – Pack a Strava compatible GPS running device and if you haven’t one already, set a runners profile on Strava.com and download the app. Read “Important Notes” below.
  2. On Island  – Pay the nominal entry fee on the island (all proceeds to Cure Kids – you are welcome to donate more). See the Front Office team for information.
  3. Run/walk and complete our designated Strava running segment (course) up Mt VOMO. At sunrise is best. There’s a gorgeous view to reward you at the top. On commencement, a few different GPS segments  will pop up. Ensure to choose the right one “Mt VOMO Sunrise Charity Run”. If you are unable to complete the run, please ask one of our Sunrise Charity Team of runners to help you.
  4. Upload your segment run to Strava and check it’s added to the correct leaderboard. If you’re on social media, don’t forget to hashtag your piccies when you get to the top to share your charitable efforts with others. Our goal is to raise as much awareness and funds for Cure Kids as we can.  Official hashtags #mtvomocharityrun  #curekids  #sunriserun Also use #vomomoments and #fiji to hook into our Instagram page and we’ll repost your piccies.  We can’t wait to see you smiling on top of our little world!

Guests who participate are automatically in the random draw to win a return holiday to VOMO! (Drawn 10 October 2018)

Participate and give yourself a great feeling for helping Cure Kids.  A bonus if you win a return holiday too!

Cure Kids

IMPORTANT NOTES to read and understand before your arrival on island

  • You must BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
  • The onus is on each guest to ensure they select and run the correct Strava segment to ensure their run ends up on the “Mt VOMO Sunrise Charity Run” leaderboard. If your name is not on the correct/official leaderboard on Strava we cannot enter your name into the draw.
  • MUST read & understand the T&C’s to the right.
  • This is a year-long charity event initiative set up to raise funds and awareness for Cure Kids. VOMO is here to help facilitate and offer a fabulous prize, however, cannot be held responsible if a guest is unable to follow participation instructions/are unsuccessful in uploading their run to Strava.com/ has technical issues and hence misses out on being added to the random draw.

Help Cure Kids. Run Mt VOMO.

Mt VOMO Sunrise Charity Run - Click to Download Flyer