As per the announcement on 10 October 2021 by Fiji’s Prime Minister, Fiji’s international borders are officially open from 1st of December 2021 to a select group of countries. VOMO will continue to offer a relaxed booking policy.

Please read below for an overview.  You are welcome to Email res@vomofiji.com to explain in detail.

Announcing relaxed policies on Vomo Island, Fiji during these unique times

Booking with VOMO remains flexible and risk-free

To secure your accommodation dates we request a booking deposit:

At time of booking, whether borders* are presently open or closed, we will request a 50% booking deposit.
Final payment will be due 30 days before your arrival.

In the event of borders* closing your deposit can be transferred OR is fully refundable as per the following:

Should borders close between your country of origin and Fiji, and it is impossible for you to travel to VOMO at the dates and times you’ve booked, you can move booking dates to a later time and transfer any deposit amount paid to the booking with the revised dates. OR, if you wish to cancel completely and rebook at a later time, your 50% deposit is fully refundable.

If borders* are open and you can freely travel, our normal cancellation policy applies:

If there are no travel restrictions, should you decide to cancel your stay with us within 30 days of arrival, a 50% cancellation fee applies. Within 14 days of travel, there is no refund.

We remain as flexible as possible at these uncertain times, to ensure you secure your choice of accommodation and assure you of our best attention to assist you in planning your stay.

If you need further clarification, please email our Reservations team at res@vomofiji.com

*Meaning borders between your country of origin and Fiji.

PLEASE NOTE:  While your deposit with us will remains refundable up to one month prior to arrival (for direct bookings), please consider the risk of currency fluctuations or international transfer fees before booking should you be planning travel before this date.

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