Holiday Packages

Spontaneous Spring Offers

Posted on 06/09/2017

OFFER #1. The Palms Residence 1st Birthday Offer. For eight (8) of your closest family and friends. All meals, private dinner party and more. A luxury holiday house. All for you and yours. Magnificent and memorable. Enjoy a spontaneous 30% discount off the normal nightly rate. HUGE saving. The Palms Residence celebrates […]

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OOH Package "Off Our Hands" Package for Parents with School Leavers Going to Schoolies

OOH! Introducing our “Off Our Hands” package for parents

Posted on 20/10/2016

SCHOOLIES FOR THEM EQUALS “OOH” FOR YOU! Read On … Learn to let go and choose to celebrate your son or daughter’s need to escape to “Schoolies” at the end of their school years. We understand parents’ concerns letting their children out of their reach for an entire week. Straight […]

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